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Villi-like topography provides a native microenvironment for the intestinal epithelial morphogenesis

Villi-like topography provides a native microenvironment. AoS

The use of an organotypic culture system, as an alternative to animal models, for recapitulating physiological and biologically relevant intestinal tissue is constantly gaining success in various fields of science. Indeed, it is currently used in basic

Skewed signaling through RAGE strength the tumor growth-promoting activities of M2 macrophages

Skewed signaling through RAGE strength. AoS

Tumors are complex tissues composed by both non-cellular components, mainly matrix proteins, and different stromal cell types, which are under an active cross talk with tumor cells. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) are the major leukocyte population among the

Colorectal cancer and enteric neurons: Should tumors be nervous?

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most frequent types of cancer in the world and is associated with a high mortality rate with over 700.000 deaths per year. Throughout the past decades, the development of CRC

How hard can a cell push?

Growth is a fundamental phenomenon in biological systems. It happens daily around us, such as growth of grasses and babies. Microscopically, the growth occurs at the single cell level. The volume of cells is approximately doubled from

Gliomas and the microenvironment

Recently, the term “microenvironment” has been introduced to indicate all the cell types and molecular signaling that in tumors regulates transformation, growth, invasion, therapeutic resistance and defense from host immunity. In malignant gliomas, i.e., glioblastoma, the most