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Capturing hydrogen transfer from modeling: a small step towards simulating chemical reactions by computers

AoS. Capturing Hydrogen Transfer from Modeling

All the matter of the world around us are made of atoms that are joined to form molecules. Chemists can create new molecules by changing connectivity of atoms in molecules through chemical reactions. Researchers can control reaction

Electron collisions with atoms, ions, molecules, and surfaces: Fundamental science empowering advances in technology

Electron collisions with atoms, ions, molecules, and surfaces are critically important to the understanding and modeling of low-temperature plasmas (LTPs), and hence in the development of technologies based on LTPs.  Progress in obtaining experimental benchmark data, the

The impact of climate conditions on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis incidence

Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is a vector-borne disease transmitted by the bite of an infected adult female sandfly. The female sandfly acquires Leishmania parasites in the blood meal intake on an infected mammalian host in order to obtain

Fast electric characterization of biological cells using an old idea of Maxwell

In his treatise, James Clerk Maxwell (1873) did not only derive his famous equations but he also provided the mathematical description of the direct current (DC) resistance for dilute suspensions of shelled spherical objects. At his time,

Non-invasive real-time prediction of inner knee temperatures during therapeutic cooling

Measurements in biomedicine are often difficult to perform because human subjects are involved. Many examples can be found, particularly in clinical procedures, where in vivo measurements are often not as accurate as desired, difficult, dangerous or even

A better understanding of cell division by combining mathematical modeling and experimentation

The cell division cycle is the process by which a growing cell replicates its genome and partitions the two copies of each chromosome to two daughter cells at division. It is of utmost importance to the perpetuation

Natural compound-drugs are trending

Doing scientific research on natural compounds isolated from herbs and other plants is a very exciting, and can have a direct influence on human health, since such compounds have the potential to be developed in very successful