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Atomic wires of carbon: present status and perspectives

Carbon is all around us in different forms ranging from molecules to solids, minerals and nanostructures. Organic chemistry classifies alkanes, alkenes and alkynes hydrocarbons according to the different hybridization state of carbon atoms (sp3, sp2 and sp1,

Medieval chainmail motif stabilizes DNA nanostructures

The field of nanotechnology refers to all objects in the size range between 1 and 100 nanometers, which correspond to one billionth of a meter. This dimension is hard to imagine and it can be defined as

Predictive modeling of ion track formation during irradiation

Radiation is common in nature such as during the decay of radioisotopes in minerals and in space (cosmic radiation), but also in man-made environments, like fusion and fission reactors, nuclear waste disposal facilities, medical imaging and treatment.