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Fullerene soot nanoparticles impose threat to glial cell community

AoS. Fullerene soot nanoparticles impose threat to glial cell community

Nanotechnology principally deals with engineering or fine tuning of functional matters at their molecular level. The field has generated an exciting scientific attention globally because of the innumerable possibilities it holds. Since it offers opportunities to mold

Nanotechnology, is it something useful for future agriculture?

Nanotechnology has been applied in various fields – biomedicine, electronic devices, renewable energy   optical electronic medicine, physics, pharmaceutics. Does it have a place in agriculture? It is generally accepted that manipulation of a crop’s native microbiome represents

14th International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology. Amsterdam, Netherlands. April 09-11, 2018

Conference Series Ltd organizes highly notable pharmaceutical conferences throughout the world. Currently we are bringing forth “14th International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology” (NanoMed 2018) scheduled to be held during April 09-11, 2018 at

Enhancing human abilities with the power of Neuroregeneration & Tissue Engineering

Human peripheral nerves (PNs) act as cables that connect the spinal cord (point A) to the muscles and the peripheral organs of the body (point B). They transmit information back and forth, from the spinal cord to

Nanodiamonds are just around the corner

The expansion of nanotechnology cause increased penetration of nanoparticles into the environment and their exposure of animals becomes inevitable. Consequently studies on their effects and potential toxicity is now gaining attention. Nanodiamonds (ND) are allotropes of carbon

Just add water; boiling up high-performing thermoelectrics

Thermoelectric materials can realise direct conversion from thermal to electrical energy and offer unique opportunities to harvest useful electricity from waste heat. Tin selenide (SnSe) is one of the best thermoelectrics currently known as it combines an

A molecular LEGO brick

Imagine that we have at our disposal a set of LEGO® construction bricks of nanometric dimensions (there are one million nanometers in one millimeter)! We would then be able to use these “nano-bricks” to construct “nano-buildings” and

Medieval chainmail motif stabilizes DNA nanostructures

The field of nanotechnology refers to all objects in the size range between 1 and 100 nanometers, which correspond to one billionth of a meter. This dimension is hard to imagine and it can be defined as

Time to tweak tremendously tiny trisoligonucleotide-tetrahedrons

DNA is most commonly known as the carrier of genetic information in all living beings on earth. For a chemist DNA is nothing more than a large molecule that can be artificially recreated in the lab on

The passion of electrons for naked “green gold” in water to develop new nanotechnology applications

Electrons are negatively charged particles that are critical to the chemical reactions. Chemical reactions in living organisms, including humans, involve the movement and transfer of electrons. Indeed, the source of energy for life involves the transportation of