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Is the ACTN3 gene a real “speed gene” in horses?

AoS. Is the ACTN3 gene a real “speed gene” in horses

The ACTN3 gene encoding α-actinin-3 in humans is considered to be a key factor in determining the predisposition to short- or long-term exercise (sprint or endurance). In addition, mutations within it are used for commercial genetic tests

Race horses submitted to reduced training may show similar lactate threshold

For Standardbred race horses, training starts already as 1-year-olds with the goal for horses to race at the age of two or three. However, injuries and health problems are common among horses in training and historically less

Quadriceps performance under activation of foot dorsal extension in healthy volunteers

The muscle (m.) quadriceps femoris on the front of the thigh stretches the leg in the knee joint and is the strongest muscle in the human body. It is important in activities of daily living as walking

Is New Zealand blackcurrant a new ergogenic aid in sport?

The daily consumption of fruit and vegetables in appropriate amounts will provide health benefits. Fruit and vegetables are multi-ingredient foods with the anthocyanin content potentially linked to the health benefits due to its known anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant