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Am I at risk of developing diabetes if exposed to insecticide?

AoS. Am I at risk of developing diabetes if exposed to insecticide?

The answer is: it depends. Of course, there is no trivial answer to an open question like that when referring to scientific investigation. But we can make you think better before exposure to certain pesticides like malathion.

A tale of pesticide use, resistance and the urge for One-Health

Edible olives and the production of olive oil dates to 5000 BC and, nowadays, it is estimated to occupy an area of 10.2 million hectares. More than 90% of the total area is in the Mediterranean Basin.

Hormones and endocrine disruptor compounds

Endocrine Disruptor Compounds (EDCs) are molecules, natural or synthetic, that happen to interfere with the endocrine network of vertebrates, provoking adverse dysregulation of the hormonally – controlled physiological parameters or functions. This interference can occur through different

Development of efficient hybrid system for degradation of Abamectin pesticide based on the advanced oxidation processes

Abamectin is one of the widely used pesticides in veterinary medicine and agriculture, which its widespread usage poses a potentially serious environmental and health problem. Presence of Abamectin in the both ground and surface water resources can