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Fullerene-containing networks via light induced crosslinking

During the last years, fullerenes have been widely studied in the field of optoelectronic materials due to their interesting electrical properties. Fullerene, also known as Buckminster fullerene, is a pure carbon molecule composed of 60 atoms of

Perpendicular-plane configuration to prevent backward electron transfer

In organic chemistry, the outcomes of thermal and photochemical reactions are different. Reactions that do not proceed even at 200 °C proceed photochemically below room temperature, e.g., photosynthesis, the conversion of light (solar) energy to chemical energy

Searching for magnetic sense inside living cells

Some molecules can absorb light and become excited. These excited molecules are often capable of undergoing chemical reactions that unexcited molecules cannot. Nature makes extensive use of these “photochemical reactions” and uses them to achieve some of

What, why, how? Everyday sunscreen protection

The electromagnetic radiation which reaches the Earth from the Sun has an extensive impact on life. Very high energy components of the solar spectrum, gamma rays and X-rays for example, are reflected by Earth’s upper atmosphere, protecting