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Friendly supporter or unfriendly disrupter? Understanding extraordinary phenomena under high humidity for novel oxychloride photocatalysts

Water, a strongly polar molecule made up of hydrogen and oxygen, is indispensable for human beings as well as all living organisms. We obtain energy for our activities mostly from oxidation of food, but tracing this back

Einstein and the measurement problem: Is he right again?

In quantum mechanics there exists an unresolved and much debated foundational issue known as the ‘measurement problem’, of how and where one goes from the microscopic quantum world to the macroscopic classical world when an abstract entity

The “luminous” gold nanorod: direct observation of electron transfer

Photoluminescence (PL), in which photon is emitted after the absorption of another photon, has been important for many technologies. The first observation of visible PL of gold dates back to 1969, when Mooradian studied bulk gold and