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Making mountains out of molehills: how stem cells become platelets

Heamatopoietic stem cells purified from cord blood or bone

You have 100,000 km of plumbing (blood vessels) in your body. What then keeps them from leaking? This essential work is carried out by tiny cells called platelets, which are able to form a plug to stop

IL-1 Receptor 8: a novel player in immunothrombosis

In addition to be a key component of blood hemostasis and coagulation, platelets have recently been implicated in thrombotic events associated with immune dysfunctions or inflammation. Platelets participate to innate immune responses and inflammation by releasing a

Fungal-derived oligoglucosides protect Candida albicans from the immune system attack

Platelets play a crucial role in hemostasis, thrombosis, and pathogen clearance. Many pathogenic fungi can interact with platelets in circulating blood. This interaction between the fungus and the host occurs at the level of the fungal cell