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Is it possible reversible and irreversible aggregation of proteins?

The discovery of protein chain regions responsible for protein aggregation is an important result of studying of the molecular mechanisms of prion diseases, and different proteinopathies associated with the formation of pathological aggregations through the prion mechanism.

Controlling gene expression in bacteria

Gene expression enables cells to implement the instructions encoded within the genes on their DNA. Being able to control gene expression is therefore key to this most fundamental biological process, so determining cell fate and behaviour. Cells

Chromatin remodeling regulates multiple liver functions

Liver is a one of the largest tissues that has the ability to regenerate itself upon stimulation. The liver also performs a variety of complex functions which support body homeostasis including detoxification and providing essential molecules to

Cigarette smoke enhances the release of proteins that modulates pro-thrombotic midiators in vascular cells

About 6 million people die for use or exposure to cigarette smoke; indeed smoking is the most important evitable cause of death in the developed countries, and it is a major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Chronic