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Three-dimensional computed tomographic volumetry precisely predicts the postoperative pulmonary function

Surgical resection remains the principal treatment for early stage lung cancer, although new chemotherapeutic agents and molecular-targeted drugs have been developed. In order to conduct pulmonary resection safely, it is necessary to ensure that the patient’s postoperative

Kinase inhibitors and new treatments for asthma and COPD

Kinases are enzymes that phosphorylate proteins, leading to their activation within cells. Over 500 kinases have now been identified in human cells and they activate many processes in the cells, including the production of inflammatory mediators. Kinases

Automated chest X-ray screening: can edge map measure the evidence of pulmonary abnormalities?

Among many pulmonary diseases, according to the 2014 WHO report, Tuberculosis (TB) is considered as one of the deadliest communicable diseases. While TB cure rates over 90% have been documented in resource-rich countries, its detection and treatment