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The noxious effects of benthic diatoms on marine invertebrates

AoS. The noxious effects of benthic diatoms on marine invertebrates.

Diatoms dominate various marine and freshwater environments, at any latitude, and are responsible for up to 25% of primary production. They may be either free-living in the water column or produce benthic biofilms. Studies on the chemical

Sole Pheromones: “What we have here is a failure to communicate”?

Pheromones are an important, but understudied, facet of reproduction in many animals. What we know about pheromones in fish mostly comes from freshwater species. However, many economically important species are marine. One such is the Senegalese sole

Gamete activation: what else?

Fertilization is the complex and unique process that marks the creation of a new individual. Mutual activation of gametes is a crucial event during fertilization where the two metabolically quiescent cells, upon a reciprocal signal, undergo structural

Deer show a gender difference in the neural regulation of appetite by the brain

Brain chemicals , called neuropeptides , regulate seasonal changes in reproductive function and appetite. We took brains from red deer males and females at two contrasting seasons of the year and examined specific regions of the hypothalamus

What happens when (plant) sex fails?

Many plant species reproduce using sexual and asexual methods – and this can vary depending on environmental and genetic conditions. A large amount of energy goes into producing flowers and seeds for sexual reproduction, while vegetative growth