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What else can a robot do? Reducing the use of hormone in the dairy industry!

Contrary to an increase in milk yield, dairy cows exhibit weaker and shorter heat signs than ever before. It causes a stockman hard to observe the estrus signs. Thus, efforts to promote reproduction efficiency have focused on

Light-controlled muscle-powered walking biological robots

For centuries, engineers have built with traditional materials, such as woods or metals, which can’t dynamically respond to changes in their environment. Intuitively, we know that biological materials can do things synthetic materials cannot. For example, our

Artificial agents, good care, and modernity

Technology has always been used in health care. But what about robots and other automation technology? What about artificial agents: technological entities that act in a health care environment? Should they be allowed to take over care

New study of robot faces helps resolve debate over “Uncanny Valley”

Roboticists are building some amazingly human-like robots these days, but many of us have had the unsettling experience of glancing at one of these marvels of modern technology only to find our skin crawling with revulsion. In