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Dramatic effects of Sn addition on Ge crystallization

Dramatic effects of Sn addition on Ge crystallization. AoS

Research on novel materials to replace Si has been actively pursued for sustainable improvement of electronic devices. Ge has attracted attention as the most promising candidate for next-generation material because it has a higher carrier mobility than

A stirring-free photoelectrochemical cell for solar hydrogen production

Direct conversion of solar energy to hydrogen via photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting is a promising approach to a sustainable-energy society, because hydrogen is storable, transportable, and can be converted to electricity without producing carbon dioxide. PEC cells

Organic semiconductors for future photovoltaics

Organic semiconductors based photovoltaics devices are able to absorb light of different wavelengths and converted it into electricity or electrical signal. By converting the light into electricity, the organic solar cells represent a clean, cost-effective and easy