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Comparing skin research funding with skin disease burden

Distributing funding dollars to research is an important and daunting task. While many factors influence research-funding decisions, establishing a transparent, priority-setting system is paramount. This is particularly important for the National Institutes of Health, which invests over

Teledermatology improves patient access to specialist care in New Zealand

Teledermatology is the use of a cell phone or computer to provide dermatologic services. A patient or his or her healthcare provider can receive advice on the diagnosis and management of their skin condition while never seeing

Canine demodicosis – how to solve a problem ASAP?

Demodex mites cause disease in the skin of immune debilitated dogs. Demodex are species-specific, follicular mites that are found as a normal resident on most species of animals and in humans. Demodicosis is rare in the horse,

Ergothioneine prevent UVA – induced skin damage through its potent antioxidant property

It is well – known that continuous exposure to ultraviolet ( UV ) radiation from sunlight can cause mild to severe skin damage, characterized by wrinkles, inflammation, photoaging, pigmentation, photo – carcinogenesis, photo – dermatoses etc. Most

Oil penetration into the human skin

For a long time, oils have been the basis of many skin care products and ointments in the cosmetic industry and medicine. Oils are supposed to be non-penetrating substances, therefore they are neutral for the human skin