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Shipwrecks, tree rings and hurricanes

Climate models for the future generally agree that globally, tropical cyclones will become more intense but less frequent in the 21st century. Projections on the regional level, however, vary greatly and have large uncertainties. For the North

A new way for use of solar light in wastewater treatment

Acrylonitrile (CH2=CH-CN) is generally considered as hazardous pollutant since it is mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic to human health. Traditional control technologies of acrylonitrile include adsorption and desorption, thermal and catalytic incineration at high temperatures and biotechnological abatement

Exploitation of bacteria for solar energy harvesting

The amount of solar light hitting the surface of the earth in one hour is enough to meet the energy requirements of the whole earth for one year, the challenge is to design a system to convert