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The finding of a micropterous new species in a flower-living thrips group species

A  new  species known only from micropterae, Kakothrips borberae,  belongs  to genus in which species live in the flowers of Fabaceae, and which is recorded mainly from South Europe  or the Mediterranean Region. This new species  was

Two male forms vs one female form in a new black fly discovered from Malaysia

A new species of black fly (tiny, two-winged biting fly with its body 2–3 mm long) discovered from Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia, was given a new name, Simulium mirum. Simulium is a genus name and mirum is

Compounds from Australian Eucalypts: the next wonder-drug for cancer?

If there is one tree that every Australian can relate to, then it would be the none other than the Eucalypt. No wonder they are considered as the only trees that have the power to unite the