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Listen up: Our brains prepare to ‘tune in’ to a voice of interest

A fundamental challenge of human communication is to understand what someone’s saying in the presence of background noise—for example, when several conversations occur at the same time. In these situations, accurate speech understanding relies on the critical

Voice modulation: A window into the origins of human vocal control?

Men and women with low pitched and resonant voices are stereotypically judged as dominant, physically large, and masculine. Our voice pitch even affects how competent and trustworthy we seem. These stereotypes appear intricately linked to the fact

Investigating the neural mechanisms of speech: an electrophysiological study

Speech is a vital component of how humans communicate to one another, yet how the brain processes this action is not fully understood. In order to properly diagnose and treat speech disorders, it is important to first

The gestural origins of language

How language evolved is one of the big mysteries of science. Other species communicate, but none can create anything like the variety and complexity of human language. There seems no limit to the number of things we