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Role of AMPK and PKA pathways in chicken spermatozoa functions

AoS. Role of AMPK and PKA pathways in chicken spermatozoa functions.

Spermatozoa functions include delicate and high energy consuming processes like motility and the ability to perform acrosome reaction, i.e. the fusion of the spermatozoa head cytoplasmic membrane and the underlying outer acrosomal membrane, so that the acrosome

Aflatoxin B1: a foodborne contaminant which impairs sperm quality and fertilization competence

The gradual decline in fertility of human and farm animals over the past few decades coincides with intensive industrial and agricultural development. Multiple environmental factors affect sperm function and fertility, among them are aflatoxins, poisonous byproducts of

Discriminating live and dead sperm in ecotoxicology

Reproductive toxicity is an emerging topic in Ecotoxicology aimed to evaluate adverse impact of environmental stressors to reproductive systems and processes. Sexual reproduction is the complex process that marks the creation of a new individual of the

Seminal fluid in infertility: more than just a vehicle

Infertility, which affects 15 % of couples worldwide, is defined as failure of conception despite unprotected sexual intercourse during a period of more than twelve months. Focus on infertility studies has been taking place for decades, however,

A novel sperm structure solve a mystery

How the embryo obtains some of it’s organelles is still a mystery. We know that the nucleus that contains the genetic code comes from the father and the mother via the sperm and egg. We also know

The cation channel of sperm modulates boar sperm motility during capacitation

The male gamete, the spermatozoon, is a highly specialized cell with a trimmed shape, far from the original cells of origin in the testicles. Their primary function is to deliver the paternal gene component of the new

Gamete activation: what else?

Fertilization is the complex and unique process that marks the creation of a new individual. Mutual activation of gametes is a crucial event during fertilization where the two metabolically quiescent cells, upon a reciprocal signal, undergo structural

Can we select best sperm?

About 48.5 million couples worldwide have been unable to birth a child after five years or more, and have used assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Male infertility is a cause in 30-50% of these cases. Infertile men tend

Sperm DNA damage and its role in fertility

One way or another, it takes two people to make a baby.  Under normal circumstances, a sperm and an egg fuse to make an embryo however there are numerous occasions under which this process needs a little

Adapting sperm RNA as a fertility diagnostic for the male

Infertility is a global public health issue affecting about 13 percent of couples of reproductive age. After one year of unprotected intercourse, couples having difficulties to conceive often seek reproductive care. Known causes of infertility are typically