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Hospital, infections and the Matthew effect

Hospital, Infections and the Matthew Effect. AoS

Berlin’s Charité hospital, the city’s largest, has an illustrious past. Founded some 300 years ago, it became part of what is presently Humboldt University in 1810, and between1901-1908 three Nobel laureates in Physiology or Medicine were on

Fear and knowledge of food: the new noumenic approach to consumer perception

The Noumenic Reasoning. AoS

The theme of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is very important for modern consumers, especially when they access novel foods. Future genetic modified organisms are probably to contain plants with improved fighting across plant disease or dryness, crops

Can you be sure there’s a difference?

Student’s T test is a frequent method scientists use to “prove something”. The logic of this test is difficult. Very few scientists understand it well. In particular they don’t understand that if the same experiment is done

Simultaneous integrated analysis of biological datasets: an evaluation of O2PLS

The rapid progress in high throughput technology made it possible to measure biological processes at several levels: DNA markers (genetic code), gene expression (which represents the process of reading the code of a gene), proteomics (proteins are