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Special molecular mechanism makes CD147 an interesting drug target in cancer or autoimmune diseases

T cells are important players of the immune system, recognizing foreign or dangerous agents with their unique receptors. They defend the body from these agents either directly by killing or by recruiting or regulating other immune system

Vitamin D and T cells in multiple sclerosis: how to measure an effect?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease of the brain, leading to disability in patients suffering from this disease. A type of white blood cells, T cells, are important pathogenic cells which drive this inflammation in early

The stromal vascular fraction: a regenerative reality?

In 2001, researchers discovered that fat tissue contains stem cells, which they termed adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs). To obtain these stem cells, fat tissue is taken from the abdomen of healthy adults undergoing liposuction and processed

B cells to the rescue: regulatory B cells are a promising therapeutic target for autoimmune disease

Immune cells are indispensable for protecting us from microbial infections. They recognize specific patterns on microbes to mount robust cellular and molecular immune responses for the clearance of pathogens. Intriguingly, development and function of these cells is