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Why Outsourcing is Key to the Future of Drug Development

COVID-19 showed us the importance of improving the speed to market of new drugs such as vaccines. And with more challenges facing the industry than ever before, fast and reliable drug development has never been more vital.

Just a click away: smartphone apps can improve mental health

Just a click away: smartphone apps can improve mental health. AoS

Within the past decade, smartphones have been assimilated into the personal, social, and occupational routines of a significant proportion of people around the globe. In fact, previous reports show that more than half of the Western population

Prevalence and prevention of unwanted online sexual encounters among youth

Prevalence and Prevention of Unwanted Online Sexual Encounters Among Youth. AoS

Screens, smartphones, and devices are integral to the lives of young people and provide opportunities for positive social connection, learning, and entertainment. However, existing alongside the many rewards of technology are the risks of a new and

Confirmation and testing of an idea of using mobile technology in heart failure

Summary of Themes, Subthemes and Confirmation

Heart failure means that the heart is not pumping blood as well as it should. The weak pumping function of the heart causes blood to back up into the blood vessels around the lungs causing cough and

Seaweed growing skyward with state-of-the-art green photobioreactor technology

Seaweed or marine macroalgae are renowned globally for applications spanning from functional food, animal feed, commodity chemicals and biofuels. Owing to its huge commercial demand, need for intensive seaweed farming has been rising over the decade. The

In the pursuit of personalized medicine; New technologies to study the gut microbiome

Humans have a symbiotic relationship with microbes that reside in and on our bodies.  The human digestive tract contains as many as 1014 of bacterial cells, making it one of the densest and most diverse microbial communities

How much does abandonment of assistive technology cost Italy’s national health service?

The growing need for assistive technology. World Health Organization estimates that today, more than one billion people need assistive technology (AT). AT include any item, piece of equipment or product, whether it is acquired commercially, modified or

Nonadherence to immunosuppressive therapy in kidney transplant recipients

End-stage kidney disease (ESKD) is an increasing worldwide illness that compels patients to accept either dialysis or kidney transplantation that is the best choice because ensures high quality of life. But, living or cadaveric kidney donation is

New app revolutionising assessment in youth mental healthcare

Across the population, young people are at the highest risk of developing mental health disorders but are the least likely to receive the support they require. Barriers to care been attributed to a range of issues with

Ultrasound in medical education

Ultrasound is a type of energy that can be used in medicine for both making diagnoses and treating patients.   Like the sound of a voice, a person uses air passing across the vocal cords to produce noises

New technology to make your electronic devices thinner and lighter

For photographers, the heavy and bulky photographic equipment to get high quality pictures may bother them a lot, especially when they want to go to open country. For doctors who need to go to an emergency situation

A new technology welcomes you in smudge-free world

Windows, walls, and automobile interior repelling smudge are no longer a dream. A new paint has been invented at Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), which will reduce fingerprints deposition on glass, prevent graffiti/acid rain from historical statutes,

Are users satisfied with single sign-on technologies in ER?

In the past few years, many healthcare-related applications and computers devices have been installed in healthcare settings. The regulatory requirements have driven the expansion of the electronic health record (EHR) and electronic structured data reporting. Activities traditionally

The First Fe-based sodium-ion cathode with two distinct type of polyanions

The current lithium-ion battery technology finds wide applications, powering cell phones, laptops, and electric vehicles. In 1991, Sony announced the first-generation of commercial Li-ion batteries, which composed of LiCoO2 cathode and graphite anode. Such cells have the

Have you ever think how wastewaters are transformed into clean waters?

Sewage treatment is the process that converts wastewaters (water no longer suitable for other purposes) into a clean effluent that can be reused. The treatment process consists into removing impurities (such as organic matter, pathogens, heavy metals