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Low temperature behavior of propane confined in porous silica

Behavior of fluids is known to differ when they are confined in pores with typical diameters of a few nanometers. In nature this scenario plays out in a lot of examples. For example, water and hydrocarbon gases

Pregnant women exposed to extreme temperatures relative to their usual environment may be at increased risk for having smaller babies

Common environmental factors such as extreme ambient temperatures and air pollution are known to increase the risk of many serious health problems including stroke, heart attack, asthma, and lung cancer. More recently, there is also evidence suggesting

The effectiveness of the cuticular transpiration barrier of a desert plant

The efficient control of water loss from plant organs to the atmosphere is essential to enable plant survival. The water loss regulation mainly occurs via the stomata, small adjustable apertures controlling the gas exchange. Drought induces stomatal

Could a salamander forage inside your refrigerator?

The behavior and physiology of many animals (e.g., insects, amphibians and reptiles) can be greatly affected by changes in body temperature. For example, low temperature can reduce energy intake via effects on foraging behavior. Many insects and

Optimization of non-nutritional factors for enhancement of nisin production

Nisin, has been used as a food biopreservative for over forty years in more than 80 countries including the United States and Europe and is produced by Lactococcus lactis, a bacterium used widely for industrial production of

The impact of climate conditions on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis incidence

Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is a vector-borne disease transmitted by the bite of an infected adult female sandfly. The female sandfly acquires Leishmania parasites in the blood meal intake on an infected mammalian host in order to obtain