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A new link between oxidant stress and lung cancer

A new link between oxidant stress and lung cancer. AoS

DNA repair protects our cells from conditions that cause damage to the genome, which can become a threat to the maintenance and function of our tissues. Our cells have a variety of DNA repair systems.  Most frequent

Inner myeloid gene network as a nexus of hematopoiesis and infection

The immunological system is equipped with efficient and tunable mechanisms to remove immediately pathogens from our body. Invasion of microbes in the blood is an emergency state, because they can trigger inflammatory responses, leading to sepsis. Therefore,

Mutations in cancer genomes avoid sites recognized by transcription factors

Genome mutations occur in cancer cells much more often than in normal cells. Mutations may unpredictably disrupt various genomic elements and affect important cell functions. Until recently, for the most part only coding regions of cancer genomes

Mutations in the SHOX2 gene contribute to irregular heartbeats

Heart rhythm disorders contribute significantly to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and represent a major health issue. Developing approaches towards disease prediction and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias is therefore an important topic in healthy aging. Atrial fibrillation (AFib)

Transcription factor information system: A tool for detection of transcription factor binding sites

Transcription Factors are proteins those bind to DNA at specific sites (Transcription Factor Binding Sites or TFBSs) and control the gene expression. Hence identifying these TFBSs in DNA is important to understand the mechanism that regulates gene

Caught in a loop – A story of how plants drop excess baggage

Plants shed their organs such as leaves, flowers, or fruits in response to environmental stimuli or developmental timing. For example, trees drop their leaves in the fall when they sense winter is coming. Plants also drop leaves