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RNA signature in brain lesions of damage or repair in Multiple Sclerosis and the MS-Atlas

AoS. RNA signature in brain lesions of damage or repair in Multiple Sclerosis and the MS-Atlas

We explored mechanistic signatures of different lesion types in the brain of patients with progressive MS: normal-appearing white matter (NAWM), active, chronic active (slowly expanding), inactive and repairing (remyelinating) lesions compared to control brain white matter areas.

Tail regeneration in lizard is driven by key genes of the Wnt-pathway

The importance of lizards as models to analyze the process of organ regeneration is relevant since, differently from the classical amphibian models, these vertebrates are amniotes adapted to the terrestrial environment, therefore closer to mammals and humans.

Is ecotype difference in switchgrass a reflection of photosynthetic efficiency?

Switchgrass, a warm season perennial grass native to the North American Prairie, is a potential cellulosic feedstock for biofuel production in the United States. Using switchgrass for bioenergy production is environmentally friendly and economically feasible. It is

Key genes for amniote organ regeneration detected in lizard transcriptomes shed new hope for limb regeneration in humans

While in water-adapted vertebrates (anamniotes: fish and amphibians) organ regeneration is relevant or outstanding, including in fins or limbs, in fully terrestrial vertebrates (amniotes: reptiles, birds and mammals) regeneration is absent or rare. Aside numerous anatomical and

Hybrid mimics, a new strategy for increased food production

The growth of the world’s population is presenting a major challenge to agricultural industries to produce enough food for all people.  We have been carrying out research which could provide a component of the needed food supply