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The power of urine to understand genetic variants in the kidney

The power of urine to understand genetic variants in the kidney. AoS

Nephronophthisis is a rare genetic disorder of the kidney and the most common genetic cause of end stage kidney failure in children. It can be caused by mutations in more than 20 different genes. In the 50%

Uremia. A history of urine in the blood

The term uremia was first introduced in 1847; literally translated, it means “urine in the blood.” Today, uremia describes the myriad of symptoms and organ derangements that result from the failure of the kidneys in its normal

Electrospun CH3MOF-5/PAN composite nanofibers for SPE of levonorgestrel and megestrol acetate

Electrospinning is a very simple , versatile and high – throughput method for generating continuous nanofibers from a wide range of materials including polymers , composites and ceramics with controllable diameters , compositions and morphologies. It was

Climate-friendly wastewater management

A major part of the energy loss from new energy-efficient buildings is the emission of warm wastewater to the sewers. This leads to increased interest for heat recovery from domestic wastewater, which may contain up to 800

Urine lipoarabinomannan assays for paediatric tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is one of the most common infectious diseases worldwide with 2 billion people being latently infected and 9 million people diagnosed with active disease every year. Infection with TB is also a major contributor to childhood

Why do older people get so much kidney disease?

To celebrate Sir William Osler’s 70th Birthday on July 12th 1919 his pupils and co-workers contributed scientific articles that were collected and published. One of these articles, by William Councilman pathologist-in-chief at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, noted