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The fossil viruses from within that shape evolution

Our genome contains a colossal amount of virus-related sequences. Over 4 million fragments of our DNA derive from mobile genetic elements, some of which once were viruses that infected the germ line (egg or sperm cells) of

Liver Models for the Development of New Antiviral Drugs

The emergence of novel viruses such as the MERS coronavirus and new variants of well-known viruses such as avian influenza viruses still constitutes a major medical problem and demonstrates the necessity to develop new antiviral drugs. Normally,

Reactivation of neutralized HIV-1 by dendritic cells

HIV-1 can be bound by neutralizing antibodies that target the envelope glycoprotein (Env) and thereby block viral entry into HIV-1 susceptible cells. HIV-1 specific antibodies are formed within the first two weeks in patients, but usually these