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Unraveling the need of vitamin E during early embryonic brain development

During early vertebrate development, the dorsal ectoderm forms the primordium of the central nervous system along the rostro-caudal axis: the neural tube. The closure of the neural tube is a complex process that depends on adequate genetic

Can vitamin E protect cells from persistent organochlorine contaminants such as polychlorinated biphenyls?

Many toxic substances, mostly man-made, are present and widespread in our environment. Eventually they become a part of the food chain — e.g. pesticide residues, veterinary drugs and pharmaceuticals, contaminating substances originating from industrial processes – heavy

Vitamin E helps protect healthy fats critical for brain development

During development, the brain requires more oxygen than any other organ – about 60% of the total oxygen consumed by a growing fetus is used to support the high metabolic demands of neurodevelopment. This means the developing

Modulating drug release from Polyox matrix tablets: influence of Polyox molecular weight, drug solubility and vitamin E

Polyethylene oxide (polyox) has been extensively used as a controlled release excipient to modulate drug release from solid hydrophilic matrix preparations. The attraction of polyox as a polymer matrix is due to its high swelling ability, compressibility