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The silent effects of heart surgery: voice and swallowing

Heart disease is a leading cause of death worldwide. Heart surgeries saves thousands of lives a year but can be lengthy and complex. During surgery, many patients require prolonged periods of intubation and coronary bypass (mechanical support

How good are we at memorizing and recognizing voices?

Thanks to modern technology, we do not experience many situations in which we are required to recognize the voice of a familiar person calling us at the phone; we know who we are speaking to because it

Who is that person? Exploring how the brain organizes information about identity

How do we recognize someone? People can be recognized from many different cues — their face, their walk, their voice, their name, and so on. The sensory or cognitive operations that process these different cues are located

Voice changes in real speaking situations during a day with and without vocal loading

Employment in the modern world is characterized by an increasing number of employees working in professions that require continuous and intense vocal usage. Among these vocally demanding professions (in which voice is a main professional tool) one