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Avoiding the dilemma between too much alcohol and too much volatile acidity in wine

Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history, thus affecting the production of many crops, including wine grapes. Indeed, global warming uncouples technological and phenolic maturity of

Typical vine or international taste: wine consumers’ dilemma between beliefs and preferences

Although typicality is important to increase the added value of wine products, several winegrowers have started to make wine using blends with higher percentages of non-typical vines. The aim is to produce wine with a more international

Wine polyphenols lower blood pressure

The Mediterranean lifestyle is synonymous to a healthy lifestyle for many people. This diet is rich in vegetables, fish and olive oil, but also inseparably associated with drinking a good glass of red wine. Other alcohol-containing beverages

Fungicide residues in wine

With a total surface of approximately 7.5 million hectares, viticulture is a hugely important economic activity in geographical areas with warm climates. Grapevines are especially vulnerable to attacks by fungi; namely, gray mold, downy mildew, powdery mildew,

Vodka vs. fortified wine in Russia: retrospective view

Alcohol consumption and alcoholism in Russia are broadly discussed in professional literature, while it is often taken for granted that vodka has been a predominant form of consumed alcohol. In fact, fortified wines with alcohol concentration around