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Zinc homeostasis in myeloid cells is regulated by epigenetic mechanisms

Zinc is an essential trace element with integral roles in numerous biological processes, including enzymatic function, protein structure, and cell signaling pathways. This metal serves as a catalytic or structural cofactor for about 300 different proteins. Abnormal

Zinc – A beneficial player in autoimmune diseases

Essential trace elements, especially zinc, are indispensable for a proper immune function. Zinc deficiency or excess causes severe impairment of the immune response. So far, an increased susceptibility to infections, increased number of transplant rejections, development of

A benevolent anionic ZnII-MOF to purify water and make medicines

Metal-organic frameworks (MOF) are well-known crystalline porous materials comprising metal ions or metal clusters bridged by different types of organic linkers. MOFs have been in the spotlight globally owing to their tunable surface area, functionalizable pore surface,

Zinc supplementation and allergy

Zinc is an essential trace element and an important factor of approximately 300 human enzymes.  It plays an important role in cellular growth, differentiation, and apoptosis. The immune system with its fast growing rates is especially dependent

An amorphous carbon nitride composite: a better choice for Na-ion batteries

As lithium ion batteries continue being used worldwide from consumer electronics to electric vehicles, the reserves of lithium resources keep declining. Sodium-ion batteries represent a potential candidate to power the next generation of portable electronics and store