Your first year of college: How to survive?

Fortunately, dreams tend to come true. Yesterday, the global goal of your whole life was to go to college, and today, you are already a student. And this is not only fun, but it is also a huge responsibility. And for many of yesterday’s schoolchildren, expectations no longer coincide with reality in the first weeks of study.

In this article, we decided to make your life easier and suggest how to make the first year as comfortable as possible but still productive.

Find like-minded people
It is very hard to experience stress yourself. If you come from another city or country, then most likely you will spend the first few days alone. But do not let this situation become your habit. Urgently begin to meet with fellow students. If you are new to this city, meet exchange students like you. Joint experience and understandable feelings bring people closer together and make it possible to survive the difficulties of changing the situation with the least stress.

Find the opportunity to practice your hobby
Regardless of what you like to do, your hobby is a temporary escape from reality and a source of restoration of moral strength. Because your priority is to stay alive until the end of the year, you need to constantly inspire and encourage yourself. Any hobby is ideal to change the scope of activities, stop thinking about problems in school and find the strength to solve them.

Get a pet
Just ask the campus management first whether it is allowed to avoid disappointment after making this decision. This advice will be especially relevant for those who come from another city or country, have not had time to find new friends and misses home. We do not offer to buy a huge dog – you will feel much better in the company of fish, parrot or hamster.

Allow yourself not to be 100% loaded
When you do not have a single free moment to restore moral strength, the question of survival in the first year of college becomes even more acute. Sooner or later, the overload will lead to a strong neurosis and a general weakening of the body. Therefore, for the first time, plan your education on the principle of a gradual increase in the number of works. If you come across something critically challenging, and soberly understand that you do not have enough academic knowledge and practical skills to cope with this, do not hesitate to ask for help and pay for essay. It is not a shame. What is a shame is getting bad grades, especially when you study for the first year, and in fact, you are just starting to get acquainted with the system and the learning process.

Use modern technologies
Today, gadgets are full-fledged assistants in studies and work. Use their maximum potential. Set yourself applications that help you plan your day, prioritize tasks, create notes, get reminders of urgent and still unfulfilled tasks, share useful information with your classmates, and just periodically spend time on social networks and listen to music. And remember that learning is a lifestyle, not many years at school and university. To maintain your own competence, you need to constantly hone your skills and learn new information. Use your gadgets and free time for this purpose, and your first-year college life will be much easier.

Feel free to start implementing these tips right now if you feel that it becomes quite difficult for you to survive the first year in the college. And do not forget that all difficulties will sooner or later be left in the past, giving you a priceless experience.


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