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Do all children have equal access to Phase I cancer trials?

Approximately 60% of pediatric cancer patients participate in clinical trials compared to only 5% of adult cancer patients.  These pediatric clinical trials have been instrumental in improving the 5-year survival rate of childhood and adolescent cancer patients

Swiss physicians’ perspectives on advance directives in elective cardiovascular surgery

Advance directives (AD) are a written document in which patients express their wishes regarding care and treatments in case they would become incompetent. When patients lose competency due to coma or confusion, for instance, AD can help

Telling people there is no free will makes them behave unethically, but only temporarily

Making people believe there is no such thing as free will can be a dangerous thing. Previous research has shown that if people believe there is no free will, they are more likely to cheat and behave

A better deal for the elderly at the end of life

The normal process of dying has been hijacked by medicine.  It is not a cruel deception and it is not what the elderly want; not what treating doctors want and not what society can afford. So how

Child protection in research undertaken by UK universities

In a review of the literature on child protection in research we showed that there is variation in the way researchers deal with protecting children who participate in research. We also found some concerning practices where researchers