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Left-handers are not at risk for mathematical learning difficulties

AoS. Left-handers are not at risk for mathematical learning difficulties.

Nearly one in every ten people is left-handed, a number that seems to have remained the same through time and place. Interestingly, individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as low functioning autism or intellectual disability, are more likely

IQ differences between right-handers and left-handers are negligible

How can we best approach the question of IQ differences between left-handers and right-handers? As with any scientific question, one should look at the scientific literature. Only there is an issue: when trying combinations of words, such

Deaf people are more likely to be left-handed – unless they are also signers

The hand that we prefer to use – the right or the left one – speaks about how our brain is organized. For example, if we are strongly right-handed (i.e., we prefer the right hand for almost