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List of the schools you may get medical assistance education

Planning on becoming a medical assistant? There are plenty of schools for you to choose from. You can complete a medical assistant course within 2 years at minimum (3 if you choose to earn additional qualifications) but

Postgraduate studies (1978-1985) at the Medical School, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Medical School (Medicinski fakultet) in Tuzla, founded in 1976, initiated post-graduate studies program in 1978. The aim was to train future medical faculty for scientific research in pre-clinical and clinical disciplines. Most participants were physicians who

Doctors’ interpretation of the electrocardiogram is shockingly bad – time for an electrified solution!

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the oldest medical devices still in modern use. It is critically important in the recognition of potentially life-threatening heart disease such as heart attack and abnormal heart rhythms. These conditions can

A study to enhance medical students’ professional decision-making

I am nervous about producing a layman’s summary of my study because it raises more questions than answers. However it illustrates three points: senior medical students in this study struggled to routinely assess benefits and harms of