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Dynamic electron microscopy: recording of ATP-induced myosin head movement in living muscle myosin filament

Muscle contraction results from relative sliding between actin and myosin filaments, caused by cyclic movement of myosin heads coupled with ATP hydrolysis. It is generally believed that individual myosin heads M), extending from myosin filaments, first bind

Muscling in on molecular machines

The concept of a “power stroke” – a free-energy releasing shape change of a protein – appears in almost every textbook that deals with the molecular details of muscle, bacterial flagella, and many other bio-molecular machines. Researchers

Heme: an old player with a novel mechanism in cardiac muscle contractility

Heme is a complex containing iron and protoporphyrin IX and it is commonly bound to proteins involved in oxygen transport, detoxification and energy production. However, this molecule has been known to have toxic effects in the heart.