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Tumors of the pituitary and headache: Will it get better after surgery?

Headaches belong to the most common neurological common disorders, with many patterns of presentation, ranging from acute to chronic. Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that half of the world’s population suffers from headache at least

Routine brain MRIs may not be needed after meningioma surgery

A meningioma is a very common form of a brain tumor that tends to affect elderly patients and women. Most patients with meningiomas do not need any treatment, however, certain groups undergo surgical removal of the tumor.

Prevention of thromboembolic complications using intermittent pneumatic compression in major brain surgery

Deep venous thrombosis is the most common adverse event after brain surgery ranging from 3 – 26%. We introduced an electric device for the compression of the legs to reduce the risk of thrombosis in the leg