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Will older people use smart technologies designed to improve the quality of their lives?

Smart technology or gerontechnology devices or solutions, including telehealth, telecare, information and communication, and robotic options offer older adults throughout the world the promise of having more healthy, independent, comfortable, and active lives. This technology relies on

Dance and age well

Regular ongoing participation in ballroom dance contributes to successful aging. While its physical and cognitive demands promote function, its enjoyment fosters a sense of well-being. In particular the love of dance enhances positive well-being. Dino’s description of

Can taking part in a fruit and vegetable research trial improve longer term fruit and vegetable intake in older adults?

Increasing fruit and vegetable intake is widely accepted as being an important part of a healthy lifestyle and is often encouraged for the prevention of chronic health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and diabetes.  Although public

Differential courses of delay discounting in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer´s disease

People prefer to receive a reward rather sooner than later, which means that people put a smaller value on a reward they have to wait for (= delay discounting, DD). But when people get to choose between

Explore care seeking behavior of older adults with hip fracture in Odisha, India

Hip fractures commonly occur in adults over 50 years mostly due to simple falls. Rough estimates suggest 600,000 adults suffer hip fracture injury annually in India. It is expected to rise in coming years as the population

You better know than no your money: are you saving enough for retirement?

Are we saving enough for retirement? What would help us better prepare for retirement? These questions and others are a subject to constant public debate and a major cause for concern. Most people do not save enough