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Oocyte activation and latent HIV-1 reactivation: AMPK links the creation of all human life and the potential eradication of HIV-1

In an active area of research known as HIV-1 cure research, the purposeful reactivation of latent/dormant HIV-1 in memory T cells, which induces death of the infected cell or alerts the immune system to the presence of

Gamete activation: what else?

Fertilization is the complex and unique process that marks the creation of a new individual. Mutual activation of gametes is a crucial event during fertilization where the two metabolically quiescent cells, upon a reciprocal signal, undergo structural

The fertilization process: a new way to look at an old phenomenon

The union of the egg with the sperm at fertilization has fascinated many philosophers and scientists. Most of our knowledge on fertilization derives from studies on marine organisms that release eggs and spermatozoa into the sea water.

Contraception protects females against germline tumours… in worms

Genetic females of the nematode worm C. elegans initially produce 30-40 oocytes that accumulate in two U-shaped gonad arms, after which oocyte production ceases until a male is encountered. Oocyte accumulation is perceived as a signal that

Can we help infertile couple suffering from in vitro fertilization arrest with ca2+ ionophore?

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is an infertility treatment technique developed to help infertile couples to conceive child. ICSI is performed by injecting one spermatozoon (male gamete) into cytoplasm of an oocyte (female egg) in vitro in assisted