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Plantar insensitivity and reduced cutaneous reflex strength: potential risk factors for balance impairment?

Sensory input arising from skin receptors of the foot sole provides important information for controlling standing balance: a finding demonstrated by blocking the neural activity of skin receptors in young adults. As we age, our skin receptors

Measuring postural transitions using wearables

Postural transitions i.e. the way which we stand up or sit down are complex motor tasks that can be used to measure physical function. Currently these transitions, which can be classified as sit-to-stand (SiSt) or stand-to-sit (StSi),

One ideal spinal posture does not exist

Postural rehabilitation and/or ergonomic guidelines are frequently the base of both the revalidation from spinal pain as well as prevention strategies for low back pain. In ergonomic advices, people are frequently instructed to adopt a neutral spinal