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AI Can’t Save Us From This Pandemic – But It Can Certainly Help With Future Ones

AI Can’t Save Us From This Pandemic. AoS

Much has been said about artificial intelligence (AI) and its vast potential to revolutionize life as we know it. But if we were to pinpoint a specific field that has more promising use for AI, that definitely

How to Achieve Faster, More Efficient Software Testing in 2020

How to Achieve Faster, More Efficient Software Testing in 2020. AoS

You may save time during the software development lifecycle if you reduce testing or skip it altogether. But this approach will likely add time, cost, and aggravation down the road. Thankfully, there are many ways to speed

How to build great AI

artificial intelligence. AoS

Even though artificial intelligence (AI) is in full bloom and more and more businesses are developing their own solutions, there are several things around it that aren’t quite clear. One of the most pressing ones is what

5 Tips for Outsourcing Scientific Software Development

5 Tips for Outsourcing. AoS

Outsourcing your scientific software development projects can yield great benefits for your company, including reduced costs, increased flexibility, and improved product quality. If you choose to go this route, outsourcing should be approached deliberately. First, take steps

Modeling epidemics and analyzing Ebola incidence data using Numerus Model Builder

Epidemics are quintessentially dynamic with outbreak, peak-incidence, and fadeout phases. The timings of outbreaks are hard to predict, as happened with the 2014 outbreak of Ebola viral disease in West Africa. To evaluate the risks of outbreaks,

Portable software: what is the features?

Portable software: what is the features? AoS

If you need software programs that you can carry around in any removable disk drive, portable software is the right choice. This software will not clutter up your desktop operating system because it does not need any

Lab Leader makes software applications for experiment design in life science

Pick your target molecules and the application will generate a protocol for the experiment ready for use, labeling, sharing and documenting. You will also get hands on, expert tips improving your methodology. Lab Leader’s life science tools

Automatic identification of genes driving microevolution in evolution experiments

Scientists in the lab often perform so-called “evolution experiments”, in which they put a microbe in a condition it is not used to and wait until it adapts to the condition on a genetic level (evolution). Because

More from less

Ice melts and that is easy to see. But supposed you cut the ice cube in half and in quarters, and so on until there was only one water molecule left? What does it mean to melt

Balanced prediction of protein secondary structure

Proteins by its three-dimensional (3D) structure play significant roles in the biological processes within the cell. Thus, it is important to understand the 3D structures of a protein. However, accurate prediction of the 3D structure of a

Alzheimer’s disease: SMILES to preserve wisdom

Simplified molecular input-line entry systems (SMILES) is informative representation of molecules. This representation gives possibility to compare molecules in their architecture and in their action. Molecules characterized by good pharmaceutical action can be modified in order to

Can we create easy-to-use software to capture the complex behaviors of proteins?

Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteins enabled by mass spectrometry technology. Much like a fingerprint can place someone at a scene despite the lack of an eye witness, a mass spectrometer records protein fingerprints that are

Image processing as a facile method to determine pore size distribution in porous scaffold

Scaffold for tissue engineering are porous devices which allows the regeneration of living tissues such as bone, cartilage or other tissues. Some studies demonstrated that the regenerative properties of the scaffold are strongly dependent both on the