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Towards better tissue regeneration: Improved vessel growth using synthetic polymers

The formation of vascular network is crucial for development and function of most of the tissues due to oxygen and nutrients supply and removal of toxic metabolites. In case of an injury such as bone or soft

Jellyfish meets algae – two marine materials enabling adult stem cells to heal cartilage defects

The regeneration of cartilage in humans is a big challenge, since cartilage tissue cannot regenerate from itself after an injury. Therefore, the application of tissue engineering strategies is very promising for the healing of cartilage defects. Tissue

Metal ions are a promising tool for Regenerative Medicine?

Ions play a vital role in living systems because cells use ions to accelerate chemical reactions, to synthetize biologic molecules or as messengers. The transport of oxygen through the blood is possible due to the iron ion

Mitochondrial activity is different in different sub-regions of the human amniotic membrane

What is the first image a human being probably sees? Provided a fetus could see, it would see the inner lining of the uterus, the so called amniotic membrane. The amniotic membrane consists of two layers, the