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From toxic wastes to valuable products: valorization of olive oil mill wastewater using mushrooms

Global olive oil production amounts to 2952 thousand tons, of which 71.7% is produced in Europe. Olive oil is a necessary dietary supplement, with various commonly known benefits for human health; however, its production process leads also

A new way for use of solar light in wastewater treatment

Acrylonitrile (CH2=CH-CN) is generally considered as hazardous pollutant since it is mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic to human health. Traditional control technologies of acrylonitrile include adsorption and desorption, thermal and catalytic incineration at high temperatures and biotechnological abatement

Climate-friendly wastewater management

A major part of the energy loss from new energy-efficient buildings is the emission of warm wastewater to the sewers. This leads to increased interest for heat recovery from domestic wastewater, which may contain up to 800

Have you ever think how wastewaters are transformed into clean waters?

Sewage treatment is the process that converts wastewaters (water no longer suitable for other purposes) into a clean effluent that can be reused. The treatment process consists into removing impurities (such as organic matter, pathogens, heavy metals