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Using a uniform definition for growth restricted fetuses

sentation of the possible overlap between FGR and SGA and between AGA and LGA

Once a woman gets pregnant, the fetus develops and grows through exchange of oxygen and nutrients between the mother and fetus in the placenta. Each fetus has its own growth potential. Therefore, some fetuses are smaller than

Psychiatry, Women’s Mental Health and Child Protection. Dubai, UAE. August 26-27, 2019

Lexis Conferences welcome you to Dubai, UAE; the most populous and largest city focusing on modern architecture with extravagance shopping and exuberant nightlife scene. Middle East Meetings on ‘’Psychiatry, Women’s Mental Health and Child Protection’’ slated on

Pubic hair grooming and public health. A key role for the doctor in counselling his patients?

We think there’s a role of counselling for health practitioners related to the practice of hair grooming. Despite the lack of controlled studies, it could be dangerous to deny the possibility of infectious risks related with this

Less perineal damage in sitting position not explained by changing position to perform an episiotomy

Perineal damage is a common complication in childbirth. Perineal damage causes pain and discomfort and can be immobilizing for women. Furthermore, it is a risk factor for blood loss and infection. Perineal damage can be a spontaneous

FDG-PET/CT is accurate in diagnosing breast cancer recurrence

A woman with a substantial risk of breast cancer recurrence experiences worry and anxiety, and a correct diagnosis is relevant in order to make well-founded decision on treatment strategy. It is then crucial to provide accurate diagnostic

Help for breastfeeding mothers and babies with shared care

The World Health Organisation and the UK Department of Health advise all mothers to totally breastfeed for the first six months of a baby’s life and to continue to breastfeed along with other foods until the child