European Pharma Summit 2016

Organizer: GTCbio

Start date: May 11th, 2016     End date: May 13th, 2016

We invite you to attend the European Pharma Summit 2016, which will take place on May 11-13, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. This event seeks to create a forum for colleagues across multiple disciplines, as well as from both private and public sectors, to gather and exchange ideas. Delegates from pharmaceutical organizations, biotech companies, and leading academic institutions will gather over the course of four days to listen to presentations on the hottest topics in drug discovery and network with both new and old colleagues.

The landscape for drug discovery has changed drastically over the past few years: private and public partnerships are changing how research is being done, researchers are using 3D model systems in hopes of improving clinical outcomes, and emerging target classes are changing traditional conceptions of the drug discovery process.

The Summit will feature five conferences that will cover the latest hot topics in drug discovery:

European Pharma Summit

10th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry
3rd 3D Models & Drug Screening
2nd Kinase Inhibitors Design & Screening
3rd GPCR Targeted Screening

A summit pass will get you access to all five conferences, or you can register for a two-day pass to attend either the first or second half of the Summit.
Session Topics:

 10th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry

  1. Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions
  2. Chemogenomics and Chemical Biology for Target Identification and Validation
  3. Novel Computational Methods
  4. Immmuno-oncology & Therapeutic Potential
  5. Neuroprotective Drugs for the CNS & Blood Brain Barrier
  6. Kinase Inhibitor Design & Overcoming Resistance and Selectivity- Joint session with 2nd Kinase Inhibitors Design & Screening?

3rd 3D Models & Drug Screening

  1. Engineering Relevant 3D Models for Target Identification & Drug Development
  2. Microfluidics & Maximizing Physiological Relevance in 3D Models
  3. Novel Tools & Imaging Technologies for High Content Phenotypic Screening and Validation
  4. Advances in the Functional Analysis of 3D Models
  5. Translational Applications & Predictability of 3D Models

2nd Kinase Inhibitors Design & Screening

  1. Kinase Inhibitor Design & Overcoming Resistance and Selectivity- Joint session with 10th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry
  2. Novel Tools & Technological Advances in Kinase Inhibitor Development
  3. Target Identification & Validation
  4. Biomarkers in Kinase Drug Discovery
  5. Kinase Inhibitors for CNS Indications

3rd GPCR Targeted Screening

  1. GPCR Chemical Biology & Novel Molecular Probes
  2. Allosteric Modulators & Biased Signaling
  3. GPCR in Disease
  4. GPCR Signaling Pathways & Mechanisms
  5. GPCR Structure & Dynamics

Keynote Speaker/ Featured:

  • Gerhard Klebe, Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Marburg
  • Stefan Knapp, Professor of Structural Biology, University of Oxford
  • Gisbert Schneider, Professor, Computer-Assisted Drug Design, ETH Zurich

Venue: Maritim Hotel Berlin

Location (city and country): Berlin, Germany

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Contact person in case we need more information:

Name: Nicolle Aranda


Phone: 626-256-6405


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