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How carbon monoxide interacts with the rutile titania surface?

Carbon monoxide (CO) and titanium dioxide (TiO2) are among the most studied probe molecules and metal oxide single crystalline supports in surface science, respectively. The variations in the adsorption infrared or ultraviolet-visible spectra of CO have been

Functionalized metal-organic frameworks for hydrocarbon azeotropes’ energy economic separation

Remember the small yet eye-catchy “Pick 5 differences” column in your Sunday daily every week?! An arduous session of mental exercise used to follow thereafter, to recognize the minute alterations among the two rather similar snapshots. The

Efficient co-adsorption of multiple types of coexisting pollutants from water using a chitosan-based magnetic composite adsorbent

Contaminants in real water are typically very complicated, and various types of contaminants usually coexist. For example, in the textile industries, the discharged dyeing effluents also contain numerous kinds of other pollutants besides residual dyes, such as

How hydrogen atoms bind to metal surfaces

Chemical reactions at surfaces are exceptionally complex as they require a multitude of elementary steps. The first step in every surface reaction is the adsorption of the participating atoms and molecules to the surface. Only if the