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Three-dimensional biomechanical assessment of treadmill gait using Microsoft Xbox Kinect

Assessment of walking patterns, known as gait analysis, is an effective clinical tool widely used in various applications such as rehabilitation, diagnosis of neurological diseases, and assessment of fall risk. While a two – dimensional movement analysis

Experience impacts elbow pitching mechanics more than age

As youth participation in organized baseball has grown in the United States, so has the occurrence of elbow pain and injuries. This increase is likely related to the development of the physes and increased throwing frequency and

How hard can a cell push?

Growth is a fundamental phenomenon in biological systems. It happens daily around us, such as growth of grasses and babies. Microscopically, the growth occurs at the single cell level. The volume of cells is approximately doubled from

How the extracellular matrix affects the cells within us

All animals, including humans, are affected by the environment in which they live—the cells within our bodies are no different. Cells live in a dynamic fibrous and fluid network that contains many biopolymers that provide structural support

Cell vacuum: measuring micro-newton cell adhesion forces using micropipette suction

The force with which cells adhere to their substrate is of interest in the study of various diseases. For example, in the case of atherosclerosis, the disease that leads to heart attacks and strokes, the “leakiness” of

Rapid prototyping to explain the biology of seahorse tails

Rapid prototyping employs the use of modern engineering tools, such as computer modeling and 3D-printing, to build physical models of new product design concepts. Applying similar techniques, our team of biologists and engineers built two 3D-printed models