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‘Functional’ role of ‘Anchoring’ Hemidesmosomal Linker proteins

Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is one of the leading cancers in India. Currently, there are no specific biomarkers which can be used for prognostication of human oral cancer. Intermediate filament (cytoskeletal proteins) and their associated proteins

How bacteria swim

Bacteria are the smallest free-living (self-replicating) organisms. Most swim in aqueous media by rotating flagella, long thin filaments driven at their base by rotary motors. In most cases, the filaments are helical and extend out into the

How cells crawl… that’s right, crawl

Within our bodies, every cell must crawl – some only a few millionths of an inch, while others, like nerve fibers, must make their way from the spinal cord to the tips of our toes. The ability