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Authentication of Egyptian blossom honeys

Floral discrimination of clover and citrus honeys from Egypt against ‘’unknown’’ honeys from Greece based on 11 easily assessable physicochemical parameters and discriminant analysis

Twenty-two blossom honey samples (clover and citrus honeys) were collected from the greater Cairo area during harvesting year 2014-2015. The main purpose of the present study was to characterize the aforementioned honey types and to investigate whether

Multiple sclerosis diagnosis from cerebrospinal fluids via infrared spectroscopy with chemometrics

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, demyelinating and degenerative disease of central nervous system (CNS), characterized by an autoimmune inflammation. Approximately 2.5 million people in the world are affected from multiple sclerosis which is one of the

An innovative forensic “clock” for determining the time of a crime

Determining the time since deposition, or age, of bloodstains found at crime scenes is a highly important and integral part of forensic investigations. Knowing this crucial information can help forensic investigators determine the order of events and