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Simplified molecular diagnostics on a chip for point-of-care diagnostics

Simplified Molecular Diagnostics on a Chip for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Analysis of blood, urine, and saliva often serves as the primary basis of diagnosis and treatment. Clinical specimens contain signature molecules (‘markers’) such as proteins and nucleic acids that are indicators of infection, cancer, and other diseases,

Uncertain pathogenicity of mutations in Wilson gene

Uncertain Pathogenicity of Mutations in Wilson Gene

Wilson’s disease is caused by an autosomal recessive disorder of the hepatic copper transport of ATP 7B. The responsible gene is located on the long arm of chromosome 13. Currently more than 500 mutations are known which

Superhydrophobic plasma separator for point-of-care diagnostics

Blood is a complex, heterogeneous fluid containing red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. Blood is a mirror of health and disease since it contains numerous diagnostic biomarkers that are indicators of infectious diseases, cancer,

Adapting sperm RNA as a fertility diagnostic for the male

Infertility is a global public health issue affecting about 13 percent of couples of reproductive age. After one year of unprotected intercourse, couples having difficulties to conceive often seek reproductive care. Known causes of infertility are typically

A complete molecular diagnostic test on a compact disc

A challenge in health diagnosis today involves the rapid analysis of genomic information in tests called molecular diagnostic assays. These tests can analyze a person’s bodily fluids to determine the cause of sickness, and can detect a